Our trainers all have solid education and experience in personal training and lifestyle management--a combined expertise of 40+  years.  Our passion is to help each and every client achieve personal success in obtaining and maintaining wellness goals.



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You have fought your own body and mind--and the judgment of others--for years.  You have tried, deprived, and yes, probably cried. Ultimately, you underwent the stresses of medical intervention, and the weight is coming back. Everyone thinks that willpower is the answer, and believes you have none. 

We don't. We know you have what it takes; you just need a few critical supports--and The Kinesis Centre has what you need.

The Kinesis Centre specializes in working with pre- and post-bariatric surgical clients who have tried to reach their weight and fitness goals, but have missed the mark. We define pre-bariatric clients as those who qualify for bariatric surgery, are contemplating undergoing the surgery, but may still be looking for other solutions before taking the final steps.We work in unison with your doctors to provide the most comprehensive approach to long-term weight loss and health. We aim to demystify the journey and encourage you along the way. We are here to help you discover who you are and shape who you want to be.

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You must be thinking about it, because you're here.  There's only one more step you must take alone in order to start. EMAIL US at info@thekinesiscentre.com.  Reach out to our staff.  We would love nothing more than to help you on your journey towards lifelong health and fitness today.  We will provide you with more information about our services and help you figure out your first steps.  We're waiting.

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The foundation of The Kinesis Centre's 

philosophy is encompassed in four words: Motivate. Educate. Cultivate. Celebrate. We ensure that you have knowledgeable and supportive partners focused on helping you towards lifelong fitness. No matter how tough the journey, YOU WON'T DO IT ALONE. 

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We have coordinated with leading experts in the field of bariatric surgery to ensure the best results for our clients. We will continue to work closely with bariatric centers and doctors to ensure the best results possible for each client. You are not just a number on your scale, and we want to help achieve wellness for the WHOLE YOU.

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