If you find yourself with limited mobility, it does not mean that you cannot work on maintaining or improving your flexibility and range of motion.  Try these exercises in this four-part series to work on your flexibility.

The squat with shoulder press is a great full body, compound exercise that works a variety of muscles at the same time.  Make sure all your movements are controlled to get the best results. Enjoy!

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The quadriceps stretch is a great, easy stretch that can be done on the floor or even your bed to stretch the quadriceps and the hip flexors.  These muscles can become tight from being in the seated position for a long time (i.e. sitting at your desk during the work day).

vertical plank

Flexibility exercises for those with limited mobility- part 3 - Shoulder stretch

You need to make sure that you maintain flexibility in the shoulders, especially if you find yourself slouching a lot or experiencing shoulder aches.  Shoulder flexibility will increase your strength and reduce the load your bones and joints bear.

The vertical plank is a great functional movement to help engage the core.  It's meant for those individuals who have trouble performing the floor plank correctly.  It's also a great movement for the biceps and shoulders.  Give it a try! 

DISCLAIMER: All users should consult a physician before beginning an exercise program. The information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical ailment.

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Squat with shoulder press

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Flexibility exercises for those with limited mobility- Part 1 - Hamstring and calf stretch

Abdominal flexibility is important.  Improving the flexibility in your abdominals can ease back pain, improve your posture, and stabilize your spine.  This movement can be done on the floor or in your bed.