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Our collective experience has informed the creation of our own methodology to keep your weight loss and health goals on track, using four guiding principles: Motivate. Educate. Cultivate. Celebrate.


"Bridging the fitness and medical communities to support and transform bariatric clients."

The Kinesis Centre guides bariatric clients on a path to health and well-being through 

personal training, lifestyle management, and 

health education.


The Kinesis Centre provides a complete approach to wellness, weight loss and personal fitness, helping clients build 

healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

Motivate: The path to complete wellness and body fitness is hard. Some days (maybe even most days), it's hard to just get out of the house, or out of bed. We will get to know YOU: what motivates you, what challenges you, what helps you--then do our best to keep you inspired from day-to-day, start to finish. We discover together what your barriers to wellness and fitness are and then plan to reduce or eliminate those barriers in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.  We care, because your well-being is our success!

Educate: If weight loss was easy, everyone would be doing it.  People are overweight for many reasons--and hardly ever because of laziness or lack of willpower.  Successful weight loss requires sound education and example, and we give you both along the way. We will dispel counter-productive myths, and provide you information on basic exercise physiology, bio-mechanics and nutrition so that, with our help, you can develop a self-sustaining exercise program that you can follow for life-long wellness.  When you know better, you can do better--and feel better!

​Cultivate: The road to fitness may be long, but for best outcomes, it should be SAFE.  We cultivate a safe environment conducive to exercising and learning to promote behavioral changes for a lifetime of fitness and health. We need (and expect) your input, to know your physical and emotional limitations, to find productive motivators and eliminate triggers or barriers to your success.  We work to increase both your physical and emotional stamina, to prepare you to thrive despite rapid-pace changes as you engage in positive and meaningful choices for wellness. Our team is here to guide, encourage and support you in reaching your goals, and cultivating trust goes a long way to achieving your personal best.

Celebrate: ​We honor the sweat equity that goes into building a healthier you, and we honor each person's progress and successes in breaking barriers that beforehand would have been thought impossible.  Nothing makes us happier than to see our clients achieve their personal milestones and goals, and we enthusiastically celebrate each success.

Sporting Event Preparations

The Kinesis Centre is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of
America as a Continuing Education Provider

Four guiding principles: Foundation for change

Personalized Exercise Programs--Initially, we will collect your personal history in order to design an individualized exercise program that will meet all your needs and goals.  Regular feedback over the next few sessions will serve to test and tweak your program for optimal results.​

Health 101 e-Seminars--Regularly scheduled e-seminars will cover different topics of particular interest to bariatric clients, from basic nutrition to talks from our founder that offer transparency into bariatric surgery.

Biannual Boot Camp--These boot camps are offered once or twice a year and are an introduction into the services the Kinesis Centre offers.  These boot camps include small group training, personal training, and health 101 seminars to give you a taste of what we do.

Continuing Education for Fitness Professionals- ​​Our mission is to teach fitness professionals what we have learned from our research and experience working with bariatric clients.  We continue to work with medical professionals to ensure we provide you with the latest information.

Services we offer: