​Jorge Teller fell in love with human movement when he was a young boy studying martial arts, and was fascinated by the human body’s capacity for strength, change and endurance.  He was especially captivated by our bodies’ precise movement abilities and capacity to convert them into artistic or lethal energy.

All of his life, Jorge has learned skills that test the full range of his body’s capabilities.  He has cultivated excellence through musical training in multiple instruments to create art through music. His service in the Coast Guard and ongoing study of martial arts  has developed his power, strength, precision, and mental endurance—and he continues to test himself as a cage fighter. 

This contrast sums up Jorge’s gifts to The Kinesis Centre: all at once, he is a powerful force for change, and yet an unmovable rock from which to launch.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Penn State University, Jorge moved up the ranks from Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness, to Fitness Manager at New York Sports Club. There he met Claudia, compelling him to educate himself about bariatric surgery and the special needs of people who underwent these procedures. His collaboration with Claudia, and his recognition of serious gaps in support for the after-surgery bariatric patient, gave birth to The Kinesis Centre, where he reviews the latest research and incorporates it into our protocols to ensure the highest quality of training for our clients.

Jorge wants to educate people to know their own bodies; he sees potential in everyone to take control and affect change for themselves. His message to you:

“I’m glad you’re here; let’s get to work!”​  

It’s not about how fast you’re moving. As long as you’re moving towards your goals, you are making yourself better. That’s all that matters. Being healthy and strong is a lifelong journey, so you don’t have to rush.

our founder:  changing the way weight loss is done

Shane O’Connor has been on the front lines of fitness since his mid-teens.  He combines his passion for sports with his determination to help others, driving a work ethic that challenges and cares for his clients.  Shane takes your success personally: if you walk in, he’ll make sure you’re OK—even while he motivates you to do things you never before thought possible.

Shane reaches for personal best, both in his personal life as a father, and in his professional life. He transitioned from sports fitness to public wellness because he recognized that personal trainers could do more to meet the needs of their clients, and he wanted to be at the forefront of creating that change.  He has built on his Masters in Exercise Science and his varied professional experiences—from volunteer Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to District Manager for YouFit Health Clubs—to create training programs for The Kinesis Centre that will bring post-surgery support and wellness for bariatric clients to new levels of success.

Shane’s personal philosophy for your long-term change and wellness is this:

“T.E.A.M.—Together, Everyone Achieves More.” Some days you will love him; other days not so much. But he promises to be the person doing whatever it takes to build an atmosphere and attitude that helps you accomplish your goal—permanent weight loss.

our leadership team:  unparalleled agents for change

shane o'connor

training director / performance coach

 Learn more about Claudia's journey here.

Founder of The Kinesis Centre

Claudia understands from personal experience what it means to be overweight, helpless, and confused about where to start.  One day, with great courage (and a little desperation), she walked into a health club and met Jorge, her trainer.  Entrusting herself to his care, she learned how to exercise, eat and plan for wellness.  At the same time, she taught Jorge about the challenges of bariatric surgery--from her fear of eating, to how her body changes affected her self-image. Their partnership led to the beginnings of The Kinesis Centre, dedicated to serving the unique health and fitness needs of bariatric clients, filling a wide gap in wellness services.  

In creating The Kinesis Centre, Claudia proposed to close the gap between the medical community and the fitness industry for this unique clientele.  She believes every person harbors an athlete within, and she has used sound scientific principles utilized by high performance athletes to transform her own lifestyle, body, and mind. 

Now she intends to do the same for our clients through a culture of Motivation, Education, Cultivation, and Celebration. Claudia has used her own weight loss challenges to make The Kinesis Centre a positive and safe environment for other bariatric clients to overcome social stigma, set health and fitness goals, and gather the courage to make life long sustainable change. Her experience can be your springboard to success.

Jorge Teller

co-founder / Kinesiologist