All of our online classes are punctuated with feedback and lectures from experienced and certified instructors. You'll also be able to interact with fellow students to further enhance your understanding.

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The Kinesis Centre: Dedicated to helping the bariatric community through education.


Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. That concept applies not only to bariatric patients but the fitness and healthcare professionals that care for them. 


At The Kinesis Centre, we focus on education brings together fitness and healthcare professionals  so they can work better together to provide the best care to their bariatric clients.  


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Because we know you are always on the move, we made sure that our courses can come along with you. With easy access on your smartphone, you can take your course wherever you go.

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We never want anyone to miss out on valuable education because of their finances. Contact us, and we will work out a way for you access to our courses. 

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