Perioperative Program

The program also invites your patients to join our closed support group where they share their experiences, ask questions, and get answers from knowledgeable fitness professionals.  Doctors are also invited to the groups to gain greater insight into how better to serve the bariatric community. 

In an effort to truly meet the individual needs of our clients, we make sure to address any medical concerns (i.e. injuries, surgeries, pre-existing conditions, etc.) in  collaboration with a client’s physician or specialists to ensure that all relevant parties are working together to provide the best plan for the client’s well-being.

Our program includes advice on exercise and nutrition, videos that demonstrate proper form, 24/7 access to web content that includes frequently asked questions, groups that set monthly health goals that offer accountability and motivation, blog content, and related health articles that highlight the science that educates our clients and supports our philosophy that everyone is an athlete and together, we can truly realize Wellness Through Movement™.

  • Bariatric Surgery: Benefits and Challenges
  • Physical Activity and Its Benefits
  • Injury Prevention: Safety in Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Nutrition basics: Macronutrients and micronutrients and how to track them
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management: Dispelling Myths
  • Life Hacks for Behavioral Change
  • Effects of Medications on Weight Management
  • Preparing for Surgery: Pre-Surgery Protocols
  • Preparing for Surgery: Post-Surgery Protocols and Afterwards
  • And more...

Doctors and their staff work closely with their patients to prepare them to undergo bariatric surgery.  However, surgery is only part of the treatment.  Behavioral change in the realm of nutrition and physical activity are two critical components, not only to weight loss, but to living a healthier life.  Doctors are not exercise or nutrition specialists, and do not have the time to provide an in-depth education on the intricacies of living a healthier lifestyle.

The perioperative program is designed to address 360 degrees of wellness. The program incorporates all the components that will help healthcare professionals better serve their patients.  The program can be tailored to fit the needs of the healthcare practice and covers topics such as: