We believe that Wellness Begins with Education​, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating educational programs that are geared towards building the knowledge and awareness around bariatric surgery for individuals who have undergone the procedures as well as those health professionals that are there to support those individuals.

​​​For the Fitness Professional​, we offer our 2-hour online course called Training the Bariatric Client. ​This comprehensive course provides fitness professionals with an in-depth knowledge of bariatric surgery and how it supports an individual's journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  The course is recognized and accredited by multiple organizations as a Continuing Education Unit.

Our Services

​​​​For the Healthcare Professionals​, we offer our comprehensive perioperative program​.  This program follows a bariatric patient through the entire operative process. The program helps them prepare for their surgery while teaching them about the necessary components of behavioral change that will begin prior to their surgery and follow past their surgery to teach them the basics of nutrition, exercise, and behavioral change that will help them realize true weight loss success.​